Phase 1 – Reaperville

5 BCH of prizes – AWARDED

In Reaperville alone there is 5 BCH of prizes available that will be distributed to lucky minters as follows:

3 x 1 BCH

1 x 0.5 BCH

2 x 0.25 BCH

10 x 0.1 BCH

The team has been hard at work getting things ready for minting! The following have been completed and minting will begin 11 July 2022.

Gather feedback from the community – COMPLETE 26 June

Since sharing the concept across different platforms on 20 June, there has been excellent feedback which the team has been working on. End date for community feedback 26 June.

Countdown to final artwork – COMPLETE 2 July 2022

All NFT’s have been created and are sitting ready for deployment.

Website development for minting – COMPLETE

Additional improvements with the staking system are complete.

Minting – 11 July – COMPLETE

The time has arrived to add one of these gorgeous NFT’s to your collection!

Reaperville Community Feedback – Ongoing

The Team is taking suggestions and feedback to ensure that the community is actively involved in future levels.


From the time you mint you will be able to stake your little Reaper, by doing so you will earn Surviville Coins. There will be future series options where a certain number of NFT’s can only be minted with SVC.

Keep growing your stash of Surviville Coins, you can use them to level up your NFT to yield a higher rate when staking.

The Surviville Series

The long term plan for the Surviville Series is to create and distribute wealth amongst the community. The team is passionate about giving back to the community and each level will have prizes available for minting, as well as additional perks with the long term platform that is being created behind the scenes.

Each collection release will be spaced out and will not be released immediately after the previous level has completed minting.

Total NFT’s
1Reaperville2 500
2Tigerville5 000
3Lionville2 500
4Skullville5 000
5Wolfville2 500
6Crabville5 000
7Clownville2 500
8Planetville5 000
9Caduceusville2 500
10Surviville10 000


Tigerville – 4th Quarter 2022

Tigerville is level 2 of the Surviville series and will be available in the final quarter of 2022. Each time you add a level to your wallet there will be more chance of rewards coming your way.

Long(er) term

Other than earning Surviville Coins from staking, we aim to reward multiple random minters with prizes as each series is minted.

The Team is working on a fun platform which aims to reward users which will be fully developed in the future. Surviville Coins and your NFTs’s will allow you access to the areas. This part of the project is in very early development stages but more updates will be provided as each series progresses.